National Sun Awareness Week

National Sun Awareness Week runs from 2nd – 8th May 2022

Why use your complimentary mini sunscreen?

As part of our wellbeing programme, find out the risks associated with over-exposure – courtesy of the British Association of Dermatologists (BAD).

It’s quite easy to be safe when going outside, with the simplest and most important thing to do being putting on sunscreen. Make sure you put on a hat, or cover your skin. It’s the easy things like this that save your skin from harmful and painful damage caused by the sun when over-exposed.

What damage can the sun cause?

Over-exposure to the sun’s rays can cause serious damage to your body, with two common types of cancers. One being non-melanoma, and melanoma, which is by far the most dangerous and deadly skin cancer. This simple reason is enough to look after your skin and stay in the shade and be safe in the sun.

Who is affected?

Everyone is affected by damage to the skin from the sun, in fact, last year, 35% of people in the UK were burnt at least once, with 28% of those being burnt more than three times during the year.

So this year, remember to wear sunscreen, wear a t-shirt, stay in the shade and, during Sun Awareness Week, spread the word of sun safety and the dangers of overexposure!


For more information, check out the BAD website.

Sunscreen Fact Sheet