Buildings come alive at SDS

7th Feb, 2019

SDS have invested in the latest virtual reality software and equipment to bring projects alive, the engineers in the office have been having a go.


We are maximising the benefit of BIM (Building Information Modelling) into the next generation with BIM collaboration software, Revizto, a real-time issue tracking, and visualisation software. This is allowing us to coordinate more effectively and find, create and track issues. Creating a navigable 3D visualisation gives clients and design teams the opportunity to walk through the building like a video game, using our Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, and therefore being able to view and gain an understanding of the proposed schemes we are working on.

Shaun Hoppins said ” It’s great that we can use this to show clients and design teams what the project is going to look like, which increases design accuracy and reduces potential rise of issues on site.  This new equipment is part of our research and design in BIM and we are always looking to go that one step further to enhance our engineers skills.”