SDS Help Develop Ancient Woodland by Planting 800 Trees

19th Apr, 2018

As part of their dedication to the Carbon Capture programme, SDS recently embarked on a tree planting day to help tidy, clear and plant a variety of trees and hedgerow.
Working alongside the Premier Paper Group and the Woodland Trust, the UK’s largest woodland conservation charity, the event took place at Pullabrook Woods in Bovey Valley which is an extensive area of accessible woodlands on the East Dartmoor National Nature Reserve.  The Valley hosts acres of breathtaking ancient woodland and thanks to a successful tree planting day, now features a new mix of Oak, Hazel, Rowan and Alder trees.

Throughout the 1960’s, Pullabrook Woods was abundant with conifer trees; a process now slowly being reversed by the Woodland Trust in order to re-establish flourishing native woodland. The project focused on clearing and burning the conifer brash which had covered the floor due to tree felling, to allow for the replanting. A mix of hedgerow including Hawthorne, Dogwood and Blackthorne, were also added to make a welcome addition to the area.

Further plans to develop and protect the woodland are underway, with the planted areas being restored to native broadleaf through regular thinning, to control light levels on the forest floor and prevent weeds developing.

SDS use Woodland Trust supported paper for their copying and printing requirements. It is produced with zero CO2 emissions from fossil fuels, with much of the energy used to make the Woodland Trust Office Paper being generated from the waste materials used in the pulp and papermaking process. Excess heat from the process is also piped to a community heating project that services some 3,000 homes and civic buildings in close proximity to the mill. Every sheet of Woodland Trust Office Paper sold contributes directly to its work as the UK’s leading woodland conservation charity.

Team Tree Planting Team photo1