Supporting our Exeter charities

16th Oct, 2019

Continuing with our recent charity activities, Lisa Goodesmith and Tom Broome were welcomed to the FORCE cancer charity shop in Heavitree, Exeter earlier today. The award winning shop, which opened in 1995, sits at the heart of Heavitree.

The shop has many nooks and crannies to explore, offering everything from buttons to furniture, toys to wedding outfits. After a tour and H&S walk around the shop, Lisa and Tom began sorting through clothes for a Vintage sale, which is being held at the beginning of November, including hanging and prepping them with price tags.

After joining the team for a chatty and friendly tea break, learning about what events they had planned and how the volunteers supported the charity, Lisa and Tom carried on working on the shop floor moving stock and creating new visual displays to increase sales. They were even trusted with displaying the valuable jewellery items in the display cabinets.

It was a great insight into what goes on behind the scenes and we look forward to helping them out again in the future!