Sector: Defence

B2A Squadron Office Building, RAF St Mawgan

Project Description

RAF St Mawgan is a Royal Air Force station near Newquay, Cornwall and has the widest military runway in the UK

B2A was a £2m, 2-storey building at RAF St Mawgan, built to accommodate command, administration and engineering support for an armed forces squadron

A new 2-storey office squadron office building at RAF St Mawgan

Project Involvement

SDS were commissioned to design the building services associated with building, which had to be coordinated into the existing site infrastructure and technology systems

This project was subject to the BREEAM Offices 2005 Design and Procurement assessment and designed to achieve a BREEAM target rating of Very Good

The heating system was developed to integrate with the existing centralised boiler plant

The ventilation design took account of the varied occupancy and allowance for peak summertime conditions

Natural ventilation philosophies were considered but external noise from the airfield precluded this as a solution

Rainwater recovery was utilised to recycle Greywater for flushing of the WCs

The ventilation plant space was confined and therefore we elected to model the roof plant room in 3D to ensure plant and ductwork would fit spatially and allow for safe working access

The lighting control system for this project was particularly complex with a requirement to control the building lighting from a central location

The front of the building could also be dimmed to a pre-defined level to avoid glare to in-coming air traffic. This was in conjunction with daylight dimming and local switching controls

Dimmable DALI ballasts were utilised in all luminaries with an intelligent networked system, whilst retaining user simplicity

Project Benefits

The building was specified for a minimum whole life cost requirement. SDS provided value engineered solutions for the building services under the Maximum Price Target Cost for the works, for initial construction, ongoing running, maintenance and replacement costs

This project was subject to the BREEAM Offices Design and Procurement assessment, and we were required to prepare the design to meet with the specific elements of BREEAM and assist with BREEAM submissions to achieve a target rating of Very Good