Sector: Defence

Babcock Building Facilities Projects

Project Description

Our team have long-term experience working at Devonport Naval Base and now have an ongoing agreement with Babcock Marine where we lead a team comprising project managers,
architects and engineering consultancies.

Under this call-off contract, SDS has delivered well-over fifty separate projects on a mix of schemes covering new and refurbished facilities, upgrading of essential services and
nuclear related projects within the Submarine Refit Complex.

...I want to thank everyone that has been involved in this project. The signs of improvement in this facility are a great example to show we are going in the right direction towards CASD. It has been a huge team effort...
Commodore Paul Daley

Project Involvement

FRC Dockside Reconfiguration


  • Within the Frigate Refit Complex there is planned improvements for the layouts of Docks 5 & 6 to provide a more efficient operation when frigates are overhauled


  • Stakeholder and end user engagement consultation at concept stage to develop the new configuration of dockside operations
  • Providing a feasibility study for the provision of a 2-storey modular building. The work also included the reorganisation of the dockside production engineering facilities at the 9m level
    and provision of new lighting and new canopy at the 3m level

CWEW Prototype and Production


  • The project, located within the Combined Weapon and Electrical Workshop, provided the detailed design for the structure and services of the proposed new prototype and
    production spaces within the existing Ray Proof Room


  • Production of a fully coordinated Revit MEP model to demonstrate equipment configuration and service routes
  • Site infrastructure survey to determine suitable electrical supplies in line with the statement of requirements
  • Detailed drawings and parts lists providing the design for services entering the ray-proof space

M046, M061 & S115 Fire Alarms and Emergency Lighting


  • Babcock International is planning replacement for the Central Office Building (COB 2) which is their main office structure within the dockyard. This project will force a relocation for the office staff throughout the site. Buildings identified to be inhabited by staff include M046, M061 and S115


  • SDS undertook a detailed survey of the existing buildings, prepared developed design and drawings for the fire alarm and emergency lighting and produced a specification for the
    recommended works to bring the buildings in-line with the relevant standards

NUB Life Extension


  • A visual condition survey of the Nuclear Utilities Building (NUB) within Devonport Royal Dockyard


  • SDS undertook a non-intrusive visual condition inspection of the building fabric, structure, mechanical and electrical services for the existing building
  • The engineering had full nuclear clearance with full health and safety passes

Project Benefits

Office located 2 miles of the Dockyard gates, enabling a reactive response to Babcock’s immediate needs

Staff have the appropriate security clearance to start works immediately

Successful project delivery across the Devonport estate.