Sector: Public & Community

Bluelight Framework

Project Description

Crownhill Police station, Plymouth, Devon & Cornwall Police Authority

  • The refurbishment and remodeling to create additional office spaces for various departments within the existing police station located in Plymouth including the extension of the Force Enquiry Centre. The detailed design included the disposal of an existing commercial kitchen. Due to a limited budget we had to modify the existing ventilation and heating system to serve the requirements.
  • UPS and generator supported distribution systems were required to a number of departments with load shedding to prevent overloading of the existing backup systems. LED lighting was designed to all offices spaces with presence and occupancy detectors utilised throughout. A new access control FAB’s system has been installed to the refurbishment to be further developed to protect the entire building.

Castle House, Truro, Devon & Cornwall Police Authority

  • The refurbishment of a 3 storey office block located in the centre of Truro. The detailed design of replacement building services to a remodeled arrangement to serve interview rooms, open plan offices, booking room, gymnasium, meeting rooms, rest room, locker rooms and changing area.
  • The open plan offices had been thermal modelled to verify the proposed natural ventilation strategy. A separate ventilation system was required to the interview room that was acoustically sealed for recording purposes. LED lighting with daylight dimming, presence and absence detection has been utilised throughout the building to reduce the electrical demand to ensure the maximum demand remains within the capacity of the incoming utility service arrangements.
Services Design Solution Ltd working with the PMs and Building Surveyors of D&C police authority through the Bluelight framework