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Bridgwater and Taunton College – T Level Refurbishment

Project Description

Following successfully securing funding for a number of refurbishment projects across their Taunton College, SDS were appointed by Bridgwater & Taunton College as M&E Consultant

The new T Level qualifications are a new and exciting qualification, designed to be the vocational equivalent of A levels that go live for the first tranche of courses from September 2020. The project is being funded by the EFSA

SDS advised on two of the projects; new ‘Digital’ training facilities and the refurbishment of part of the Industry Skills building to create a more integrated building with better flows and accessibility compliance and more effective space utilisation

The refurbished building will include the creation of new spaces for Building Services Engineering, a gas testing and training room, an electrical testing and training room and the relocation of the existing painting and decorating training area into a small area.

£1.6m refurbishment in preparation for delivery of the new technical qualifications, commencing in September 2020

Project Involvement

Within the Indsutry Skills building we are improving the link between the electric workshop and the rest of the building as currently connectivity is poor with no internal circulation possible between them. We are providing services for the new Brickwork, Gas Testing and Electrical Testing Workshops and a new staff room

In the new Digital Training building we are creating a conference space. This will include removing projecting elements of the 3 straw rooms, as well as alterations to M&E in the space.

Project Benefits

Working closely with the client to meet their needs

Cost effective design of services to meet client specifications

Advising on pratical solutions such as providing USB sockets so students can charge there phones, and the connections for the latest confrence and teaching equipment.

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