Sector: Railways


Project Description

Greater Anglia introduced a new fleet of trains into service consisting of two different manufacturers in a variety of classes.

SDS were appointed by Parker Technical Services to undertake a detailed external lighting design of the proposed trackside service footpath to the Controlled Emission Toilet (CET) points for maintenance.

Project Involvement

Detailed bollard lighting design and calculations

Engaged by the services subcontractor to undertake detailed lighting design and calculations

Selection and specification of all luminaries, controls, cabling, and supplies to serve the proposed areas

Delivered GRIP stages 3-5, including technical drawings, schedules, calculations, and specifications

Ongoing project support and coordination including CRE appointment and attendance to client workshops and DTM’s

Engagement with specialist subcontractors, involving liaison with the GRP footpath manufacture and earthing protection specialist.

Project Benefits

High efficacy external lighting arrangement providing safe access to illuminated CET points positioned adjacent to the walkways to improve ease of maintenance

Low-energy LED lighting with minimal upwards light component to reduce sky-glow during night-time operations, reducing light spill and light pollution on site

All lighting calculations and designs were completed in accordance with Network Rail and Greater Anglia requirements and specification

Level crossing design with bespoke mounting flange to enable bollard integration within the handrail assembly, improving maintenance access

Earthing and bonding requirements to meet the specialist design arrangements