Sector: Defence

Defence Project Experience

Project Description

  • Devonport Royal Naval Dockyard- Building N110 Office Refurbishment
  • RNAS Culdrose – Accommodation Block
  • BP017 Bullpoint – Condition Survey
  • Westmoor Fire Training – Engine Test Bay
  • RMB Chivenor – Medical Centre Extension
  • RNAS Culdrose – L1 and L3 Galley Refurbishment
  • Devonport Royal Naval Dockyard FRC – Mains Distribution and Lighting Replacement
  • HMS Drake, Cunningham Fraser – Galley Refurbishment
  • Trenchard Lines, Upavon – Underground Heating Main Survey
  • RMB Chivenor – Pass Office and Secure Entrance
  • RNAS Culdrose – A1 Hangar Refurbishment
  • RNAS Culdrose – L34 Accommodation Block Refurbishment
  • HMS Drake – MCTS Primary Heating Plant Refurbishment
  • Trenchard Lines, Uphavon – Hangar 76 Refurbishmen
  • Devonport Royal Naval Dockyard – Subway condition survey and periodic safety review refurbishments
  • RAF St Mawgan – New guardhouse and entrance facilities
  • Devonport Royal Naval Dockyard – Life Extension Projects
Experience at Ministry of Defence f  Staff with security clearance facilities through the South West of England

Project Involvement

Range of M&E design services from including full condition surveys, energy improvement surveys, performance and full design of building mechanical and electrical systems to Defence Infrastructure Organisation standards and JSP scales

Project Benefits

Historic knowledge of MoD establishments

Understanding the complexity of highly serviced sites

Familiarity with MoD requirements and specifications

Staff with security clearance