Sector: Health Care

Derriford Hospital, Radiopharmacy Laboratory

Project Description

A £1m full refurbishment of specialist radiopharmacy laboratories at Derriford District General Hospital, including laboratory space, prep rooms, change areas, transfer areas and support rooms

The decommissioning and removal of existing equipment including temporary re-siting and replacement as appropriate

The re-design and re-provision of the existing facility to encompass replacement of the existing laminar flow cabinets, replacement of the air-handling unit and associated ductwork, radiation protection measures, pressure differential control regimes, full environmental and alarms

Introduction of radiation protection measures and access control systems to create supervised areas and minimise the radiation dose to persons working within the radio-pharmacy

Fully filtered air distribution to Good Manufacturing Practice standard grade D, with air terminal filters, double HEPA filtration, and pressure monitoring
Specification of smart metering and G59 metering arrangements

The purchase and installation of peripheral equipment required to bring the unit into line with current standards of EU GMP and current working practices.

£1m full state of the art refurbishment of the existing hospital’s radiopharmacy department to achieve MHRA manufacturer’s special licence

Project Involvement

Develop mechanical and electrical performance specification to support the User Requirement Specification for the refurbishment of the radiopharmacy department

Detailed survey, design and planning of ventilation plant room to accommodate enhanced specification air plant within constrained plant room space

Undertake quality control inspections of mechanical and electrical installations during the progress of the works, undertake witness testing of completed installation to support full validation of the refurbished facility in support of the validation process to allow manufacturer’s special licence by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)

Compile a list of building engineering services derogations where full HTM compliance could not be achieved due to the constraints of working within the existing building structure.

Project Benefits

Undertake full spatial planning of air handling plant and distribution ductwork within the constraints of the existing building, co-ordinate and agree with the Hospitals Trust necessary changes to standard specifications to facilitate installation

Provide comments upon the submitted the building engineering services tender return, validate the legitimacy and value of contractor submitted variation costs

Early identification of emerging quality issues and enable preventative measures to be implemented

Provision of additional support during the project with weekly site visits, communication and providing the Project Manager with regular updates to ensure full understanding of the technical issues surrounding the complex scheme

Pre-closure inspection sign off procedure withhold points in construction programme to remedy defects

Reviewed and monitored commissioning plans and programmes, provided early warning of risk areas

Work collaboratively with the Contractor to give advice on the control of the air systems and space temperatures to maintain the specified pressure regime.