Sector: Hotel & Leisure

Exmouth Water Sports Centre

Project Description

Sideshore, is a new watersports centre being developed by Grenadier. The centre forms part of wider proposals for the seafront regeneration of the town ™ The not-for-profit scheme, is located in Exmouth’s seafront and as well as watersports facilities will provide a number of small shops, a cafe and a restaurant.

Multi-million pound development with a prerequisite of design that the building is to achieve an EPC rating of A

Primary heat source for the building are ground source heat pumps, extracting low grade renewable heat from the ground to provide space heating and hot water

A new £3M Watersports Centre, built using sustainable materials and harnessing renewable energy technologies

Project Involvement

Working for the MEP contractor, SDS developed the RIBA Stage 3 performance design into a RIBA 4a detailed design for the plantroom and full fit out of the retail centre, public changing
facilities and members change

Provided a shell and core design for the restaurant and café area, with the addition of underfloor heating and provision of services for additional space heating and cooling

Designed a bivalent heating system with ground source heat pumps designed to supply the primary load, with gas boliers capable of coming on line to meet any shortfalls at peak times

Provided services for cooling through the use of the GSHP ground loop without refrigeration cycle

Project Benefits

SBEM calculations and EPC certification to prove Part L Building Regulations compliance and EPC rating of A

The full scheme was focused on providing a low energy development resulting in a carbon footprint reduction beyond the requirements of part L Building Regulations

A community centered development demonstrating the possibility of producing a low carbon building that can deliver for a broad range of the community without a large impact on the environment.