Sector: Health Care

Frome Medical Centre

Project Description

A creation of a two-storey 4,052m² sustainably designed and environmentally responsible medical centre to complement the Community Hospital and to provide a facility to serve the local populace

Incorporating 61 consulting rooms, general medical space, minor operation facility for routine local anesthetic operations, pharmacy, optician’s area, dental area, training facility, associated staff administration and rest facilities, and café

The building has been designed to minimise its energy density and carbon footprint by utilising natural ventilation strategies with minimal mechanical ventilation and solar collection systems for hot water

Full detailed design of the mechanical and electrical systems including infrastructure planning, building management control systems, heating, hot water, electrical, foul drainage, refrigeration and ventilation systems

Clean supply air cascade pressurised ventilation system to the Procedures Room

£11m medical centre looking after 33,000 patients living in Frome, Warminster and the surrounding area