Sector: Industrial & Manufacturing

GKN Airbus

Project Description

Services Design Solution were the Building Mechanical and Electrical Technical Advisors in respect to the £17m development to create a £170m facility to construct a 30,000m² new composite wing structures manufacturing and assembly facility for GKN Aerospace to act as their international centre of excellence in composite wing structure, design and production

£5m of mechanical and electrical services which included provision of services to two class 8 clean room spaces, one of which was 4,000m² and 15m high, highly services production space, ultra-sensitive manufacturing assemblies, storage facilities with crane gantries, offices and amenities

The site included state-of-the-art composites manufacturing operation that incorporated automated high precision production technologies, with ‘moving line’ assembly operation that uses guided vehicles to move the wing structures through a series of semi-robotic work stations

Conversion of two existing high-bay logistics warehouses, creation of a 20,000 m² composites production unit Creation of a 10,000m² wing component assembly unit.

Phase 1 development programme for GKN Aerospace utilising emerging advanced composites technology