Sector: Education

Illogan and Curnow School Development

Project Description

£4.5m 2,400m² adapted and expanded Illogan Primary school facility for 242 pupils in Cornwall. The school provides enhanced contemporary primary and extensive SEN facilities for the newly co-located Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils of nearby Curnow school

Curnow School caters to the specific needs of every individual

pupil, addressing their emotional, physical and mental wellbeing

Combining Illogan and Curnow schools enabled integration of pupils, challenging pre-conceptions whilst increasing emotional intelligence

The building provided a truly integrated school with hygiene room with hoist, sensory rooms, calming rooms and therapy spaces.

A £4.5m state of the art integrated SEN education facility

Project Involvement

Detailed  Site  Survey, Detailed Design and Specification of   the

Building Engineering Mechanical & Electrical Services

Infrastructure review and site diversions to accommodate the works, including capacity provision for the extended areas

Due to the very specialist nature of the SEN end-users within the building, detailed co-ordination and user group meetings were carried out. These consultations ensured that room data sheets generated, captured the specialist nature of the facility to accommodate pupils’ additional needs.

Project Benefits

Assisted in selecting a building services contractor, undertook tender analysis of tender returns and made recommendations for best value proposal to undertake the works

Improved upon the efficiencies at Illogan, whilst enhancing internal teaching accommodation and delivering a more dynamic learning environment

The new building ensures pupils have the most up to date facilities so every pupil can achieve his or her maximum potential.

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