Sector: Industrial & Manufacturing

Langage Energy Centre

Project Description

Langage Energy Park is a major strategic employment development site in the South West region. This high profile site in terms of location and size offers the flexibility to accommodate a wide range of employment interests

The Langage Energy Park Administration and Support building is a 3-storey 3,800 m² steel frame building for Centrica

Over 1,500m² of offices, kitchen, WC and circulation space; 900m² of storage area; 580m² of workshop space including welding workshops, control and instrumentation workshops, electrical
workshops, machine areas and general workshop space, in addition to plant space, visitors space and reception

We undertook the complete detailed design of the mechanical and electrical services.

Administration and Support Buildings to support the £10m Langage Energy

Project Involvement

Careful design of infrastructure to suit a site with high fault current levels. Co-ordinate and arrange incoming mains electric, gas, water and communications provision for this building and adjacent water treatment building taking into consideration the wider development plans for the site

Zonal controls and metering were included to suit the proposed tenancy of uses of the space

The facade of the building was engineered to model natural ventilation strategies

Lighting controls incorporate daylight dimming and zonal control of lighting incorporating user interfaces together with automatic control systems

Background and local exhaust ventilation was provided in the workshops to meet health and safety requirements including dust extract systems and fume extraction provision

110V power distribution throughout the workshops

All heated areas were provided with local zone controls to enable each occupier to adjust occupancy times

Highly services communications centre with duplicate supplies and conditioning plant with leak detection and gas suppression and full IT distribution throughout

Public address systems throughout in addition to access control, security CCTV, disabled refuge and alarms.

Project Benefits

Active participants in design team meetings and in discussions with regards to sustainability, building regulations, accessibility, BREEAM, value and risk delivered the finally agreed solutions in a clear and coherent manner within a detailed set of design documents for Constructor implementation

Co-ordination of end user workshops requirements to ensure layout.