Sector: Residential

Mount Wise Development, Plymouth

Project Description

Two phases of a development delivering 450 residential units, offices, retail units, a cafe, a hotel and data storage facility

Mount Wise Phase I created 469 homes, a striking range of one, two, three and four bedroom houses and apartments, each one elegantly complementing the figure head of the scheme, a grade II listed 200 year old Georgian building, Admiralty House Mount Wise Phase II involves building 89 dwellings either side and in front of the 18th century Admiralty House, which has
planning permission to be sympathetically restored to create a 21 bedroom boutique hotel

The site, previously been occupied by the MoD, contains a number of listed buildings and significant archaeological features including an extensive tunnel system and lengths of a city wall.

Phased regeneration of the 28 acres at Mount Wise which will be undertakenover several phases

Project Involvement

Planning of all infrastructure, gas, electric, water and street lighting to serve the new housing estate

Liaison with the local authority and providing estimates of service loads for each authority

Supervision of services installation, co-ordinating with other site services and the construction programme

Produced draft performance energy assessment for sales purposes to determine if an energy rating of ‘B’ is anticipated under the current version of the software

Undertook thermal modelling of the glazed apartments.

Infrastructure review and site diversions to accommodate the works, including capacity provision for planned future development phases

Detailed site survey, detailed design and specification of the building engineering mechanical & electrical services

Develop energy strategies to meet planning requirements and achieve and minimum EPC rating of B

Thermal modelling of glazed south-facing penthouse apartments with façade engineering proposals to limit overheating

Quality control to assist in reducing the defects towards PC.

Project Benefits

Direct negotiation with external lighting supplier in order to provide pre-wired lighting columns which could be installed on site by the ground workers rather than the electrical contractor
reducing site installation costs. Estimated saving £10k

Co-ordination of utility providers and generation of cost proposals

Delivery of low energy residences, EPC energy rating of B

Work with contracting team to meet project budget constraints

Regular site visits, and site quality control to assist in reducing the defects towards PC.