Sector: Industrial & Manufacturing

O-Gen Plymtrek Ltd

Project Description

In early 2011, a strategic partnership for the South West was formed between MITIE Asset Management, O-Gen and the UNA Group. The consortium agreed a plan to develop five facilities in the South West with the first site being in a £65m energy from waste centre, located in the manufacturing district of Roborough,

A 40,000 tonne energy centre that will treat wood waste and supply both heat and power through a gasification process

The facility will generate around 26,000 MWh of electricity a year which will reduce CO2 emissions by around 16,500 tonnes a year compared to grid supply.

The property extends to approximately 2.13 acres (0.86 hectares), which provides a site coverage of approximately 40%

Project Involvement

Detailed design of the building services throughout the development including the process areas and administration offices

We developed the infrastructure requirements for the process works design team. The design included the selection of the site utility company transformer to serve the parasitic loading of the building

The electrical design was developed to satisfy the Employers requirements of a maximum 10% parasitic load including the process equipment

We fully coordinated the import and export medium voltage (11kV) network connections with the utility company including the management of the split generation and distribution packages to complete a single connection point to the site wide MV network

The earthing arrangement required a detailed design which required coordination with the requirements of the generator manufacturer, lightning protection system and the low voltage earthing network

The export ROC’s metering was in accordance with the requirements of Ofgem ensuring “green energy” and “brown energy” consumption was defined and monitored correctly to maximise the export return

We assisted in the detailed design of the sprinkler system which was developed to comply with the client’s insurers requirements

A Building Management System (BMS) was designed for the building services, this was fully integrated into the process equipment controls

Ventilation was designed to the process hall to limit the ambient temperature to 35 degrees

Develop design and equipment selections taking into consideration explosive risk areas.

Project Benefits

Redesigned the HV network to provide a resilient infrastructure

Provision of commentary on concept design and the provision of information for plant spaces prior to construction

Detailed design of the building services fully coordinated with the building & structural elements

Energy efficient design to satisfy the Clients parasitic load requirements

Provision of multiple options demonstrating energy efficiencies against capital cost and ongoing maintenance

Identified an issue with the proposed earthing arrangement and provided a solution compliant with the British Standard and the utility company requirements