Sector: Railways

Par Modular Building

Project Description

GWR were making improvements to the electrical infrastructure at Par rail depot arrangement

SDS were appointed by Sisk to design, detail, and specify the main intake arragenment, sub-distribution and below-ground external services routes to cater for the modular building and wider site

Design included incoming utility supply arrangements, provision of manual changeover switch for connection of temporary generation, and a number of external GRP enclosures to cater for GWR eletrical distribution equipment

The £100k works ensure future resilience and growth potential

Project Involvement

Completed detailed cable calculations and reports.

Sized and specified appropriate electrical distribution provision equipment and associated GRP enclosures for future expansion

Specified earthing arrangements and protective devices for a compliant design

Detailed external services routes taking account of site topography and existing underground services

Produced detailed design drawings including schematics to GRIP stage 5

Project Benefits

Cost-effective practical design solution

Improved resilience of supply and modern distribution system delivered to GWR standards and compliant with all current regulations

Improved safety and ongoing maintenance issues