Sector: Health Care

Piramal Healthcare, Suite 4

Project Description

£2.5m investment to extend production capacity at Grangemouth for hormonal products, including contraceptive pills and hormone replacement therapies in order to increase production capacity.

Cleanroom suite for the production of Antibody-Drug-Conjugates at multiple commercial scale.

Separate rooms for personnel gowning; equipment & materials staging; mAb thawing; component cleaning and large scale buffer preparation (up to 2,000L volume) utilising single use disposables.

Processing rooms for non-cytotoxic operations such as pooling and modification or reduction or purification of the antibody
Suite to facilitate cytotoxic operations such as drug toxin handling; conjugation and purification Final filtration and fill area included for bottling off the Bulk Drug Substance (BDS).

£2.5m extension of MHRA approved ISO class 7 and ISO 8 class medical production facility for the manufacture of Antibody Drug Conjugates