Sector: Public & Community

St Aubyn’s Church & Library

Project Description

A £2m refurbishment for Plymouth City Council St Aubyn’s is a rare example in Plymouth of a Grade II listed Georgian church with an originally rectangular shape, plain glass windows and important galleries. Its situation in a major regeneration area has offered the possibility of serious development work

The church building has undergone a transformation which will ensure its future for the next generations

Funded by Devonport Regeneration Community Partnership, St Aubyn’s has been converted into Devonport Library on the ground floor, with a new worship and performance area situated on a new mezzanine in the chancel and repaired balconies

The church was re-opened early in 2011 with a formal ceremony to mark the importance of this development for the local community

The development consists of the refurbishment of the grade II listed church and change of use to a mixed use space with the ground floor being a public library serving the local community and the first floor being a worship area and exhibition space

Project Involvement

Detailed design of M&E services

Energy efficient design.

Project Benefits

Consideration was given to the type of structure with respect to thermal properties and infiltration, the energy strategy was developed in order to reduce the carbon emissions of the building whilst maintaining comfort conditions for the occupants Energy usage was reduced at source through a series of techniques to avoid over-sizing of plant and equipment.