Sector: Public & Community

St Chad’s Church, Plymouth

Project Description

£750K development to create a new 250m² church to serve the local community on the brownfield site of a redundant church building

The Church is designed to be a sustainable, full accessible, multifunctional space for worship and community use

Building incorporated worship space, communal kitchen and hall, vestry, baptistry, in addition to general ablution facilities and office space

Incorporate the existing features of historical and secular significance in formation of the new proposals

Development of replacement community church as an integral part of the local regeneration proposals

Project Involvement

Provide full and detailed design of building mechanical and electrical engineering services

Reconfiguration of existing site infrastructure including division and extension of existing gas, water and electricity supplies to serve the new church and adjacent residential block

Detailed brief for audio enhancement proposals including public address and sound annunciation system with high speech intelligibility, background music, hearing enhancement system and video display system

Thermal overheating analysis to develop ventilation strategies for a densely populated space

Daylight analysis to determine the effectives of daylight measures incorporated into the architectural design

Project Benefits

Collaborative approach resulting in an integrated MEP design with particular consideration to the elements of Architectural significance, keeping in sympathy and character of the proposals

Specialist lighting design with scene setting to create an atmosphere of quiet reflection, worship background or house lighting

High degree of co-ordination and creativity in concealing the services, whilst maintaining suitable means of access for maintenance

Provide strategic advice on building fabric u-values, airtightness and ventilation strategy for energy compliance