Sector: Commercial

Thales Optimus House

Project Description

A new build, large scale manufacturing and production facility at Thales, Templecombe

Optimus House combines large volume manufacturing spaces for classified defence and military contracts and a new office and shared workspace environment, with meeting and core amenities facilities.

Production facilities for Defence and Aerospace Manufacturer

Project Involvement

Design and Build contract delivering the MEP design to RIBA Stage 4a for Intergral M&E Contractors

MEP services heavy design required a collaborative approach to coordination with AWW Architects and the Contractors supply chain

Building Physics thermal overheating and predicted mean vote (PMV), percentage people dissatisfied (PPD) assessments to satisfy BREEAM Health and Energy Credits

As Designed and As Built BRUKL assessments and Energy Performance Certificate Production for the building required close communication with Building Control due to complex manufacturing processes modelling.

Project Benefits

A challenging design brief promoted the innovative development of close temperature and humidity control HVAC systems, on a very large scale, in very large volume spaces

Low building air infiltration and open roller shutter door scenarios were simulated in dynamic thermal modelling software, to inform steady state and peak HVAC conditioning loads respectively

Psychrometric calculations for different manufacturing stages resulted in the addition of a rapid response liquid based desiccant drying systems, to the HVAC for added system resilience
Extensive Load Assessment developed to accurately determine the equipment and plant that can simultaneously operate at various stages of the product cycle, whilst working within the restrictions of the existing off site electrical infrastructure
Co-ordination of services and infrastructure requirements within the facility to suit that of the plant necessary for the operation of the building and that of the specialist production equipment.