Sector: Industrial & Manufacturing

Tonedale Mill

Project Description

£12m redevelopment of a Grade II listed factory building to provide new space for residential and commercial interest

Design of primary boiler plant serving 220 residential properties on a conversion from existing mill buildings to residential. The boiler house comprises a gas oiled fired boiler plant and one bio-fuel oil fire boiler.

Each boiler is designed to 25% of total load serving underground mains to apartment blocks

A centralised cold water storage system with two compartment water tanks. Each compartment of 12m3 storage with triple jump booster sets serving cold water services to each of the apartments via underground mains

Apartment sprinkler systems and fire hydrants to serve the site

The provision of two new site transformers provided from the HV network with supplies via a site wired LV ring to metered outlets to each

The provision of new landlord’s street lighting and infrastructure throughout.

£12m redevelopment of Grade II historic textile factory into residential and commercial space