Sector: Education

University of West of England, Glenside Campus

Project Description

The Glenside Campus was constructed in the mid-1800s, as a military hospital, purchased by the University of the West of England in 1996

Glenside campus is the home of the Faculty of Health and Applied Sciences, Department of Nursing and Midwifery, and Department of Allied Health Professions and Social Work

Providing stimulating and inspiring setting state-of-the-art student teaching and learning accommodation, including inter-professional simulation suites

Recommendations to enable this historic building to run efficiently in the 21st century

Project Involvement

We were appointed to undertake an energy survey to determine current energy use and offer viable ways of reducing energy costs

We had to establish potential causes of underheating and overheating and poor ventilation to areas and propose solutions

Undertake survey of existing systems, controls, pipework condition and measurement of existing flow rates

Review existing flow rates against building demand requirements for adequacy

Review thermal response of the building and the weather compensation controls of the existing systems to check for adequate start up allowance time in cold weather

Propose new controls arrangement to provide energy and CO₂ reductions and improved environments, visible/maintainable to the estates department from a remote location.

Establish a scope of future works which can prioritised and planned within a wider master plan of refurbishment works to the Glenside campus.

Provided a detailed Energy and Controls Survey report outlining our findings and recommendations

Project Benefits

Our recommendations, on the effective use of energy systems, helps bring this historic building into the 21st century

Identify practical solutions to improve the occupant comfort to teaching and learning spaces to specific problem areas regarding temperature or ventilation

Identified existing problems with controls operation and configuration

Recommendations identified key energy reduction initiatives for the site

Provide overall condition summary of existing systems and requirement for any necessary remedial works


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