SDS Charity Pub Quiz – Anagram Round

Read the clues and solve the anagram!

Hint: All of the anagrams relate to 2004 – the year SDS was founded.

  1. Social media platform launched on 4 February 2004
    Book café
  2. Leader of the country
    Born Italy
  3. 2004 Eurovision winners
    Are in UK
  4. Longstanding comedy series, which aired it’s final episode on 6 May 2004
    If nerds
  5. Born during the Crimea War and named ‘Timothy’, what creature died in 2004?
    Oreo tits
  6. Dropped out of high school in 1944 to join the military, then went on to earn his diploma in 2004 at the age of 78
    Add envy kick
  7. Queen’s grandchild who celebrated their 18th birthday this year
    Liaised wondrously
  8. UK athlete who won a second Gold medal at the 2004 Summer Olympics
    Molly shekel
  9. The name of the largest ocean liner ever built, which was unveiled in 2004
    At query women
  10. In November 2004, 20 music artists came together to record a single. What was it called?
    Adkins smoothers twitchy