3D data capture

SDS has the capability to help realise space’s full potential at every stage in its life cycle by visualizing it in 3D and making every day tasks such as capturing, inspecting, documenting, and sharing quicker and easier. Matterport lets you see buildings and infrastructure in new ways, giving a much more detailed and accurate view into how space is configured, where improvements can be made, and ways to enhance productivity and collaboration.

Sharing 3D Digital Twins
Using the Matterport platform, we can document the construction process and share a 3D record of milestones. Visuals of infrastructure before the walls are closed
are beneficial to contractors and facility management professionals and particularly for stakeholder presentations when site visits are not possible.
Users can reference the 3D digital twins for long-term facility purposes or share the construction milestone progression scans with team members. The software allows us to quickly transfer digital twins with anyone through a dedicated secure link.

SDS can import files into RECAP and bring them into Revit, making it easy to orbit around the Matterport 3D digital twin, cutting section views and modelling as-built conditions.
This eliminates repeat site visits and ensures stakeholders are on the same page, resolving outstanding issues.

Matterport in Practice
The digital asset produced by the digital camera can be used to view and generate 4K photos and point cloud images of existing facilities. This image can be used to collaborate, share, measure and inform required by the National Trust. By having a complete digital twin of the existing buildings, we can remotely check spaces, capture critical information to aid in condition survey appraisals, avoid revisits within historic environments, and verify critical spatial assumptions by measuring essential dimensions from the cloud point image.