Modern Methods of Construction (MMC)

SDS has the capability and experience to deliver construction projects in collaboration with modular experts. This highly flexible approach reduces construction durations, integration
of the latest smart technology, whilst delivering cost savings to the clients.


MMC projects can deliver time savings of between 10 to 50% of construction time. This may mean opening early with the consequent revenue benefits or the ability to deliver a project with a specific time deadline such as the start of a school or university term.



A controlled, dry, easily accessible environment delivers high quality results. Consequently, defects are captured at source, significantly reduced, and the final result is better.



Because all MMC methodologies offer improved efficiency and productivity, the activities in an MMC process are more predictable with a consequential reduction in risk.


Reduced Disruption

MMC processes not only reduce the time required on-site but as a direct side effect, there is less need for site space, storage, welfare facilities etc. This is particularly beneficial in certain environments such as hospitals, schools or densely populated areas.



Due to more rigorous and elemental design processes, factory quality control, reduced waste and the higher levels of air tightness, the use of MMC has a direct impact on the sustainability and carbon content of a project, both in construction and in use.



MMC allows for project certainty and the completion of the project within budget. This could have major project advantages where opening dates are crucial to a project’s success – student accommodation for example.


If you have a specific project we can support you with, please get in touch with our MMC experts.