Current U.K construction industry estimates suggest 70% of the total 2010 existing building stock will still be in use by 2050, and approximately 80% of the domestic housing stock currently in existence will be too. Retrofit of existing buildings reduces energy consumption and carbon emissions, therefore offering an array of economic and environmental benefits across all sectors.

As part of the climate change agreement to achieve net-zero by 2050, almost all existing building stock will require some form of retrofit.

Verification of existing services

  • We provide intrusive surveys of existing buildings and produce condition survey reports, validation survey reports, and recommendations for remedial works.
  • We can also investigate whether a design is suitable for the building and provide advice on suitable remedial actions to take. A detailed method of how we can achieve this, is by producing thermal models of the building to access heating and cooling loads, and producing BIM models to perform design calculations on the services using our market-leading design software.
  •  In addition to having experienced engineers in retrofit building design projects, we also have excellent software at our disposal to assist with accurate surveying and reporting.

Design of Replacement Services

  • With extensive experience designing the refurbishment of buildings and plant rooms, we provide detailed designs of new services and the replacement of traditional gas boilers with suitable alternatives to align with the government’s net-zero ambitions – such as heat pumps.
  • We also undertake feasibility studies to retrofit renewable zero-carbon technologies such as PV.
  • When designing the refurbishment of plant rooms, our engineers will detail optimum hydraulic arrangements to improve efficiencies further, as well as designing with access and future maintenance in mind.