Specialist Services

HV Installation

SDS can undertake the detailed design of medium to high voltage private networks including modifications to existing systems, the provision of new networks and the grading of protection systems. We can provide advice on practical solutions to network issues and recommend equipment to suit the end users requirements.

On-Site Services

Experienced engineers carry out on-site inspections and audits to ensure installations meet current regulations and standards.

The efficiency and operation of the building services is very dependent on the quality of commissioning. Using our dedicated clerk of works staff, we provide commissioning plans and management to ensure buildings operate in an efficient and satisfactory manner.

Poor maintenance can result in increased energy use, discomfort to occupants, reduced reliability and health and safety problems. Our team address operation and maintenance requirements for installations to ensure buildings perform well.

With expertise in every aspect of building services and their installation, we can help to prevent and solve problems wherever they arise. Issues we can help with include design compliance checks, installation and operational inspections and Expert Witness reports.

Condition Surveys

SDS regularly undertake detailed condition surveys that cover building fabric condition, and mechanical and electrical systems. Data is gathered electronically and form the basis of risk assessments and remedial work schedules. We can also supply clients with a comprehensive schedule of priorities for any remedial works together with a detailed budget.

Condition surveys are carried out utilising our specialist site engineers experienced in this field. Information gathered is provided in simple formats and includes information on operational, health and safety issues that need to be addressed.

Client Support Services

We are retained on projects to act as client’s representative to ensure that employer requirements are met. The duties can include review of design calculations and drawings, tender analysis, site inspection duties, commissioning management and cost control.

Where clients opt to use design and build contracts we can provide detailed performance specifications based on the NES standard format.

Cost certainty on projects is of primary importance to all clients. Using our experience, costs are assessed at each stage of the project and can be applied to the electrical systems, mechanical systems or the entire build costs. We can also identify areas where costs can be driven down and ensure that they represent best value for our clients throughout the contracts and at final account stage.

In today’s competitive market, tenderers often offer alternative solutions that require in depth analysis to assess their benefits.