World Honey Bee Day 2022

World Honey Bee Day – Saturday 20th August 2022

Did you know bees pollinate 75% of the world’s flowering crops? As well as pollinating, honey bees produce their own golden syrup – which is not only a favourite of Winnie the Pooh, but also has unbelievable medicinal properties.

Even though they are so critical to our everyday lives, sadly bees are declining worldwide from things like toxic pesticides. Additionally, invasive farming and urban developments have caused several habitat losses meaning honey bees are losing their homes.

Bees can often become exhausted in the summer months when they’re putting in their hardest shift. If you see a bee still, why not give it a boost? Mix two tablespoons of white sugar with one tablespoon of water to get it back on its feet, or flight. If you’d like to find out more, click below.

How to Help

As part of our wellbeing programme, enjoy a quick dose of gardening therapy by sowing your wildflower seeds. It will be rewarding to see them bloom and hopefully hear a buzz from some bumbling honey bees next year.

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