Lighting Impact Assessment

It is essential to consider the impact of lighting from the outset of a development. Obtrusive light is now deemed a statutory nuisance within the Environmental Protection Act and as a result the need for lighting assessments has increased signifi cantly. With local authorities now having an obligation to investigate light nuisance and determine impact. SDS provide a full range of services in relation to lighting impact, from advice and technical checks  to full design, analysis and assessment. Our services support the planning application process, particularly important for sensitive ecology or challenging sites.

SDS provide design and assessment of lighting installations where there are sensitive ecological issues on wildlife and other sensitive receptors.
Bats are legally protected by the Wildlife and Countryside Act and the Conservation Regulations. For habitats, foraging and commuting areas careful consideration and mitigation is required in terms of lighting.

Services Offered
  • Desktop Studies
  • Design and Analysis
  • Visualisation and 3D Modelling Lighting Impact Assessment Reports Lighting Chapter for EIA
  • Expert Advice and Review
  • Lighting Strategies
  • Planning Advice
  • Mitigation Solutions
Lighting Surveys
  • Baseline Surveys
  • Night Time Photographs (Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment – LVIA)
  • Lux Level Readings
  • GPS co-ordinates with Location References
  • Post Installation Checks
  • Record Drawing Production